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Miracles Happen All Around Us

Wonders are a peculiar phenomenon, what would you consider a wonder? Reaching the sudden, something occurring against all odds or simply something to wonder at, something marvellous? What would your definition be? The medical definition is a lot stricter to reach. Yet what I’m considering are the marvellous happenings which are made all around us. At times you can also call them dreams executed.

Travelling on the night train through France we shared a compartment with two other couples. When we began discussing we found Sally was in fact a medically confirmed wonder. A number of years previously she’d been “treated at Lords” of an incurable ailment, and it’d finally been medically accepted as a wonder! They were on their way back to Lords to spend their yearly-vacation working together with the ill as they were grateful for the treatment of Sally.

You hear stories of individuals getting hopeless strength in crises and lifting automobiles etc to help others. On YouTube lately there was an incredible ten-year old blind boy who played with the most beautiful classical music.

Then there are musician who create incredible works of art and the talented composers; additionally the current inflow of refugees travelling the seas in overcrowded unseaworthy open boats buffeted by the storms and tides which make it to dry land.

All around us are the marvels of nature, oak trees grow from acorns, plants grow from seeds, and seasons come and go. Sunrises and sunsets are a lovely flush of colour that is lustrous. Wonders are occurring all around us, maybe we should be more childlike and value and wonder these things that are incredible.

On a more everyday level think of novels created from an assortment of concepts and words, is not that quite impressive, or a hobby company started up from purpose and an idea.

You can produce your own wonder by making your own online business in your spare time. You can learn and observe it grow as a seed in the garden or reach any other intensely held fantasy that was astonishing you’ve been nurturing. Read an inspirational book and begin making wonder or your dream.

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